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Installing for CPAN-YACSmoke

Installing the environment

The following distributions are the recommended base:


In addition, it can be beneficial to include the following distributions for extended testing:


Installing CPANPLUS

CPANPLUS was written to extend the capability of installing distributions from, which is the current core installation module for Perl modules. In addition to this, another goal was to provide the ability to provide testing support.

For the 0.050 release of CPANPLUS, the API was changed, together with much of the internal code. As a result the testing related scripts and documentation, bundled with the previous versions, were no longer compatible and removed. The testing support for the new API is now provided by CPAN-YACSmoke. Although the API has changed, CPANPLUS still has all the original internal testing support mechanism within the codebase, which has been further enhanced to provide additional support for validating the reports.

However, to become a CPAN Tester you will need to install CPANPLUS correctly to enable you to file reports.

CPANPLUS has a large number of module dependencies and it may be worthwhile installing the following first.


If you choose to install CPANPLUS, without the Bundles, you will need to answer C<y> to the prompts regarding installing optional modules in the '[CPAN Test reporting]' section.

After running Makefile.PL, you should run C<make test> like every good user; After the comforting C<All tests successful> message appears on your screen, just do a C<make install>, and you are ready to go.

Installing CPAN-YACSmoke

As of this writing, you must install the latest development version, [ 0.03_07], directly from CPAN. To do this in the CPAN shell use:

  install RRWO/CPAN-YACSmoke-0.03_07.tar.gz

or download from CPAN and install by hand.

CPAN-YACSmoke requires no user interaction during installation, but will require confirguration for your testing infrastructure.