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CPAN Testers Reports

The reports site collects together the reports based on author and distribution in an fairly simple clickable list of links:


For those who are unable or reluctant to use Javascript, an alternative version of the site is now available. This site is known as the static site:

Please note that the static site contains all the reports available for each author or distribution page. As such some pages can take sometime to render due to the volume of data available.

CPAN Testing Statistics

Using the data provided from reports since 1999, statistics have been accummulated to show changes in the CPAN testing experience. These graphs and leaderboards are available at:

Although there are many platforms and perls covered, they do not cover the full matrix. If you have a machine and the time to set yourself up as a CPAN Tester, we'll be please to see you add to the statistics.

CPAN Testers Wiki

This website!

CPAN Dependencies

David Cantrell has created the CPAN Dependencies website, which enables you to quickly see the probability of a particular distribution installing on your platform/perl version.

CPAN Matrix

Slaven Rezić has generated a matrix to easily identify the latest version of a particular distribution that was successfully tested on a particular platform/perl version.

CPAN Availability - Cross Platform Statistics

[|Gabor Szabo] created a collection of pages which identify the version of a particular distribution available on a specific version of Perl and a specific platform.

CPAN Testers Author Preferences

Used by authors to set their preferences for the way they receive notifications regarding the test reports for their distributions. They may either receive the individual reports or a summary (daily, weekly or monthly).

CPAN Testers Blog

News and views regarding CPAN Testers activity. A monthly summary is usually posted at the beginning of each month, covering some of the highlights of the previous month.

CPAN Testers Development

Contains the links to the databases that are available for download. Also includes references to the source code of the tools that help to run the eco-system that is CPAN Testers.