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Tips and Tricks

Useful tips for CPAN Testers

Running tests that require an X server

If your testing machine is headless or otherwise lacks an X server, you can still run GUI tests with a fake X server. See http:// for instructions.

Running tests offline for later upload

Create a directory to store test results, it will be a little easier later if the directory is called "sync" and is itself inside an empty directory.

Edit your .cpanreporter/config.ini file, use # to comment out your current transport line, and change it to something like this:

transport=File C:\Users\me\.cpanreporter\offline\sync

(that is a Windows path, on something more Unix-y it would read ~/.cpanreporter/offline/sync).

Run tests as normal, and each report will go to a new file under the sync directory.

When you are ready to submit all those files to the metabase, grab a copy of https://, edit it to fit your needs, and then run it against your reports. It moves reports as it sends them into a "process" folder, and then into a dated "done" folder at the same level as the "sync" folder as it works.