CPAN Testers is only made possible with the support of our sponsors.
For more information on sponsoring, please visit the I CPAN Testers website.

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Sponsorship and Donations

Hosting Sponsorship

The CPAN Testers project is a volunteer based project, with over 100 testers and developers involved with the complete eco-system. The testing platforms (resources and time) are donated by testers, and the code to run the smoke testing, as well as to provide the databases and websites is all released as open source.

However, the current CPAN Testers server is hosted on a high bandwidth line in Germany, and requires funding to enable us to cover hosting costs.

We are very grateful to our sponsors, who have provided funding for us to host all the data and websites, who to date have been:

If you or your company would like to sponsor the project in the future, please get in touch. Our current hosting contract will require renewal in October 2010, though please get in touch at least a few months in advance to prepare any contracts necessary. Please contact Barbie for further details.


The CPAN Testers project is not a legal entity and has no direct funds to support itself. However, it is part of the larger Perl community and as such is very much in support of The Perl Foundations's donation system.

Although any donation will not be passed directly on to the CPAN Testers project, much of the infrastructure that is funded by The Perl Foundation, will have a direct benefit to the CPAN Testers project. Rest assured all donations are very gratefully received and help to keep the CPAN Testers project and the Perl community evolving.