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Following Up

Please be prepared to follow up with any additional information when asked, or for requests of more detailed testing if possible. If you submit a report that the author cannot recreate (perhaps because you have an environment they do not have access to), the author may ask you to apply some patches, or to try out an experimental release; plesase do help the author whenever you can.

Please try and note when reports are invalid. In most cases this can ocurr when the author themselves makes a bad upload, but occasionally the reporting mechanism can incorrectly submit misleading reports. If you are using CPAN-YACSmoke, note any distributions that fail due to missing 3rd party libraries and applications and add them to your configuration file. Or alternatively you could try and install that particular library or application and retest.

Not all authors appreciate the efforts of CPAN Testers, and not all understand that these reports are sent automatically. Also note that in many cases English is a second language. So please be patient.

Checking test reports

CPANPLUS offers a straightforward way to check existing reports. Simply enter cpanp -c ModuleName in the command line:

% cpanp -c CPANPLUS
PASS freebsd 4.5-release i386-freebsd

As you can see, this reports the most recent version of CPANPLUS, which passed its tests on FreeBSD at the time of writing this section.

You can also specify a particular version of some distribution. For example, the version Jorrit was having problems with is 0.03, so he can do this:

% cpanp -c CPANPLUS-0.03
    FAIL freebsd 4.2-stable i386-freebsd (*)
    PASS freebsd 4.5-release i386-freebsd (*)
    PASS linux 2.2.14-5.0 i686-linux

As you can see, there are three reports, two of which contain additional details (marked with *), available at the URL listed above. The failed one's says:

This bug seems to be present in machines upgrading to 0.03
from 0.01/0.02 releases.
(It has since been fixed in the upcoming 0.031 release.)

Which exactly addressed Jorrit's original problem (see IsTestingImportant).

Another useful trick is using the o command in the CPANPLUS Shell to list newer versions of installed modules on CPAN, and check on them all with c *:

% cpanp
CPAN Terminal> o
1   0.14     0.15   DBD::SQLite        MSERGEANT
2   2.1011   2.1014 DBD::mysql         JWIED

CPAN Terminal> c * [/M/MS/MSERGEANT/DBD-SQLite-0.15.tar.gz] FAIL freebsd 4.5-release i386-freebsd (*) PASS linux 2.2.14-5.0 i686-linux PASS solaris 2.8 sun4-solaris ==>
[/J/JW/JWIED/DBD-mysql-2.1014.tar.gz] FAIL freebsd 4.5-release i386-freebsd (*) PASS freebsd 4.5-release i386-freebsd ==>

This way, you can safely upgrade your modules, confident in the knowledge that the newer version won't break the system.