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Contact The Tester

If you need to contact the tester of a particular report, there are two ways to look up the sender's email address.

Find A Tester

First you can use the ID or GUID of the report using the tool on this page:

Depending on the format you view reports, typically you will more likely see the GUID listed, but the ID in the JSON and YAML files will also work.

If you received a CPAN Testers Daily Summary Report, the GUID is the number at the end of the web link. For example:

  - i386-freebsd-thread-multi-64int / 5.10.0:
   - FAIL
This web link is the same as the one you'll find on the Grade field on the list of report pages on

Raw Reports Page

Secondly, clicking on the 'Raw' link from a individual report page will also display the contact address of the tester.


Not all testers will respond to their given email address. Some are fake addresses, while others may be real, don't always reply. In these cases you may want to contact some of the key testers via the Discussion mailing list, to see if they can help.