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CPAN::Reporter::Smoker (Quick Guide)

CPAN-Reporter-Smoker is a smoke test program built upon CPAN and CPAN::Reporter that offers near-turnkey smoke testing.

It relies entirely on configuration of CPAN and CPAN::Reporter, so once those modules are configured correctly, just install CPAN::Reporter::Smoker and fire it up like this:

$ perl -MCPAN::Reporter::Smoker -e start

It will start testing all CPAN distributions in reverse order of upload and will continue until interrupted with CTRL-C. Every 12 hours, it will restart itself, checking for new CPAN uploads before continuing testing older distributions.

The documentation includes many hints for configuring CPAN and CPAN::Reporter for smoke testing as well as using CPAN-Mini or CPAN-Mini-Devel to create a local CPAN mirror for smoke testing.